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TheFirst Healthcare e-Procurement Software in UAE.


TheFirst Healthcare e-Procurement Software in UAE.

 We thrive on variety, love a challenge and are passionate about helping our clients fix their problems. We combine the extensive knowledge and experience of our people with the latest process and technology innovations to provide our clients with transformative solutions that produce sustainable results.

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a unified e-procurement solution 

UHX system is a multi-user SaaS model application used to bridge Pharmaceutical users (Suppliers & Buyers) to perform their trade seamlessly. This new-gen cloud-based application is developed to achieve faster, scalable and able to support mobile devices for their Pharma SCM business.

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Our Values


Our teams of industry experts and seasoned procurement practitioners work together to provide clients with levels of knowledge and insight they rarely have in-house. This depth of practical experience means we know when to apply tried-and-tested solutions and when it’s time to challenge convention.


Our aim is to develop true partnerships with our clients and work closely together to grow their business.
Collaboration is also key to the effectiveness of our internal teams, whether that means coming together to resolve client issues quickly or collaborating to achieve our individual, team and company goals.


We are a forward-thinking company, always ready to adopt fresh ideas and new technologies but only if they can enhance our ability to deliver real results for our clients. Our open-mindedness extends to how we partner with each client, giving us flexibility that ensures our solutions always meet the specific business needs.

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We act as true partners to our clients. By gaining a deep and personal understanding of their business and goals, our team comes with a complete understanding of the procurement business strategies that deliver both immediate and long-term benefits. We are progressive, knowledgeable, responsive and collaborative.

Managing Stores/Warehouses Chain

Managing multi- chain business is always a challenge, working on to their demands and managing their requests which flew often is a must-do task for any business. We made a well-organised channel which would be a proper solution to address all these demands.




We do engage in a formulated auctioning and bidding system in our application. The algorithm which drives the E-Auction(which comprises of many parameters) helps the user to pick their best choices from multiple proposals against a single RFQ.

Sales Representatives Management

Rep Management was so tedious as there were cases where Reps having not even visited the Customer, made appealing claims of tasks completions and were salaried for no cause. We have come up with a proper solution which addresses all the possible way to track and monitor a Representative.

the Right Vendor

In a market place identifying the right vendor is always a challenge. We have found an effective way, where we credential all the stakeholders who are into the system and help the users understand to engage with vendors, to have an hassle-free business.

Credibility of the buyer

Managing Purchase Orders

There were cases where the suppliers had to own huge losses having given credit to buyers mostly retail pharmacies, who never turned back to business later. Being in a forum, you could really sense the standard of the Buyer, with their ranking which has been posted by the sellers, with due respect to the commitment they show towards the debt repayment.

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